Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I got hurt at work what do I do?

Depending on your injury, you should seek medical attention and let them know that you were injured at work.  You should also let your supervisor know of the injury and fill out a Concordia University Injury and Near-Miss Reporting Form.  When filling out the form do not forget to write down in Section 2 - next to your ID Number, Name of union. By reporting the injury or incident right away, you can prevent the same thing from happening to someone else. If the injury is serious the physcian will give you a CSST form to give to your employer.  If this is the case, you should contact Human Resources, Cornelia Kupfer for assistance to fill out the proper forms to the CSST.

The French version of the form is also available.

2.  What is the new procedure to selecting vacation periods?

In Article 27.12 of our Collective Agreement (loosely translated in English) 
a)      Any member that wishes to plan their annual vacations must present their choice of annual vacation dates to their immediate supervisor by no later than May 1st every year.

b)      The immediate supervisor will establish the vacation schedule based on the seniority of the employees who made requests and the service requirements of the department. The vacation schedule will be posted on May 15.

c)      An employee whose vacation has not been established before May 15, or who wishes to modify their vacation schedule cannot choose a period already chosen by another employee, unless services requirements allow.

d)      After May 15 vacations will be granted in the order the requests are received by the immediate supervisor.  However, when an immediate supervisor receives more than one request on the same day for the same vacation dates, the seniority of employees will prevail, when service requirements allow.