Union Delegates

Responsibiities and Authority of the Union Delegate

The responsibilities of the Union Delegate are as follows:

  1. To ensure that the Collective Agreement is respected, within the group of employees that he or she represents.
  2. To encourage newly hired personnel to join the Union.
  3. To inform the group that he or she represents of the decisions made by the Union Council, and to defend in the Union Council the viewpoint(s) proposed by the unionized people in the group that he or she represents.
  4. To encourage the people in the group that he or she represents to attend all General Meetings, regardless of the prescriptions set out in Article 21.

How to Reach Your Delegates:

EV Building Contacts:

Arlene Zimmerman:  extension #3125, Laurel Leduc:  extension #3055

FG Building Contacts:

Sheri Bernier:  extension #2029

GM & FB Buildings Contacts:

Suzanne Downs:  extension #3790, Donna Fasciano:  extension #8732

Hall Building Contacts:

Derek Page: extension #3489, Jennifer Muir: extension #5844, Bo Kim:  extension #7327

LB Building Contacts:

RC & SS Floors:  Stuart O'Driscoll:  extension #3483, Kathleen Carey:  extension #3630

5th and 6th Floors:  Helene Medeiros:  extension #7509

7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Floors:  Jennifer Carter:  extension #2839, Jose Medeiros:  extension #2643, Karl Stamp:  extension #2666 

MB Building Contacts:

Christabell Moyo: extension #2892

Annexes Contacts:

CI, D, EN, FA, M, MU, PR, RR, S, VA, X, Z :   James Saunders:  extension #2613, Filomena de Gennaro:  extension #2650

 LOYOLA Campus Contacts:

 Vidya Khan: extension #3702, Sandra Cochrane:  extension #5054