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CUSSU Negotiation Report Up-Date - June 1, 2016


We have completed all the non-monetary discussions and are now entering the final stretch which is the monetary and salary demands. The salary demands were approved at the March 1st General Assembly and negotiations with the employer resumed on March 10th.


The salary demands that were approved by the CUSSU GA in March were a common demand presented at all the CSN union negotiation tables. Those demands have been submitted to the University by all the CSN Unions (CULEU; CUUSS-TS; CUPEU; CUCEPTFU) at their respective negotiation tables. The University’s response was deplorable to say the least. They informed us all that they would not negotiate any monetary demands until we withdrew one of the item included in the common demand regarding the Pension Plan. In fact, they cancelled all future negotiation meetings. This is the answer they gave at the CSN tables.


The other element pending is the resolution of the Letter of Agreement #7 regarding the double CUSSU pay scales (regular versus pay equity adjusted scale). The work of that group was parallel to the negotiations but with the news of the pay equity maintenance on our group, we had to halt all the work to focus on how this would now affect our group.

Unity Is Strength 


As you already know, Concordia University will be reviewing the terms of our pension plan. The five CSN unions at Concordia University have decided to unite and speak with one voice in order to negotiate changes to the plan that will be acceptable for our members. With bill 75 regarding pension plans in the university sector, the provincial government has ensured that Concordia holds all the cards. Negotiating will not be easy. Your union representatives have never backed down from a challenge and they will fight! With your support and solidarity, we will ensure that the negative impact of the changes is limited. Therefore, Concordia University Library Employees’ Union (CULEU), Concordia’s University Continuing Education Part-Time Faculty Union (CUCEPTFU), Concordia University Support Staff Union (CUSSU), Concordia University Union of Support Staff-Technical Sector (CUUSS-TS) and Concordia University Professional Employees Union (CUPEU) are working closely together to make sure that their members can get the best deal possible.

We have developed a new tool for understanding our current Pension Plan – it is a live web site created by the CSN which can be accessed at:  myconcordiapension.ca


 May 12th, 2016

Today is pay day and many members already reported to CUSSU an issue due to the introduction of the new pay equity salary scale and the effect on their personal pay. Here is an attempt to explain!

Impact on employees holding positions receiving a pay equity adjustment. The NEW hourly salary scales are listed on the Pay Equity Web Page – here is the link:


Employees should verify if their position is listed in this new listing. For that you need your position number since the titles are not your actual ones. Once you find your position there are two possible outcomes:

 1)      Your position benefits from a 0.4% increase and your base salary is adjusted retroactive to March 31st, 2016. For those positions the hourly rate was adjusted in this pay run and you are receiving a retroactive payment for the hours worked between March 31st and April 29th, 2016. So in summary your last two weeks have been adjusted and the retroactivity covering the hours from March 31st to April 29th is added and reported on a separate line.

 2)      Your position suffers from a reduction in the hourly rate. Since the University cannot touch your salary, the only option in accordance with the CUSSU agreement is to pay you at the new hourly rate for the hours worked (normally 70 hours) and pay out the difference as a lump sum. The change to the hourly rate should have been applied on the past payrolls since March 31st but the HR system was not set up and it is only NOW that the changes are appearing.

HOWEVER – there was a system error in reading the new payroll tables and the lump sums are all missing in this payroll and will be paid on the next pay May 26th.

Here is an example – My position used to be paid at 33.54$ an hour and now it is listed as 33.34$ an hour. I should be getting 70 hours paid at 33.34$ PLUS 70 hours paid at 20 cents an hour showing on a separate line.

As I am NOT a payroll clerk note that this is my understanding of some issues on this pay appearing and I would urge you to contact payroll if you have any questions regarding your personal case.

As always, our email list may very well be missing some members due to movement of personnel and we ask that you circulate this message to your CUSSU colleagues.